Embedded Network Manager

An Embedded Network Manager is a newly created role required in the National Electricity Market (NEM) which facilitates and enables Power of Choice and On Market interaction to consumers receiving electricity inside an embedded network.

National Metering Identifiers (NMIs) are individual reference numbers that identify each specific customer meter in MSATS. Retailers that win new customers claim responsibility for each new NMI in MSATS. Without an NMI, a customer cannot receive electricity from a market retailer outside of an embedded network. They cannot become on-market customers.

The ENM is responsible for providing NMIs to customers within embedded networks who want to go on-market. The ENM is also responsible for accurately recording details of both a customer’s metering installation and that of the parent meter (the embedded network’s main meter at the point of connection to the street), in MSATS.

Off Market – On Market

To understand what an ENM is, we must first understand two different ways customers in embedded networks are sold electricity.

How is electricity sold to off-market embedded network customers?

The electricity account holder for the whole site onsells electricity to the individual customers within the site’s embedded network.

How is electricity sold to on-market embedded network customers?

The embedded network customer’s meter is registered in the wholesale market systems (MSATS), which is operated by the market operator, AEMO. A customer can then be ‘won’ by any market retailer operating in the customer’s area. To the retailer, the customer will become visible in the same way as other customers directly connected to the distribution system on the street.

Who needs an Embedded Network Manager

For the most part, all embedded networks need to have an ENM appointed. The responsibility for appointing the ENM is on the owner of the network, which largely means the body corporate.  Australian Electricity Market Commission (AEMC) Power of  Choice reforms (enacted by the Queensland Government effective as at the 1st of December 2017) state that communities that have an embedded network and meet the criteria (which is pretty much all of them) must have an Embedded Network Manager appointed to facilitate the activities of consumers. If an ENM is not appointed the requirement to action activities requested by consumers may be a timely burden which may cause the Body Corporate to be in breach.

Once the ENM is appointed the body corporate have nothing else to do, the purpose of the stringent requirements of becoming an ENM are in place to remove the body corporate from these responsibilities.

Locality Embedded Networks is the SOLUTION

We are offering ENM Services to any body corporate regardless of who your retailer or billing administration service is provided by.

The appointment of Locality Embedded Networks as your body corporate’s ENM will meet your compliance obligations to the National Electricity Rules (NER) making sure your embedded network ENM services available.

Body Corporate who have their embedded network managed by Locality Embedded Networks can rest assured that their obligations are met and consumers have all rights of choice available.

Supporting Communities
This service is brought to you in conjunction with Locality Planning Energy as a service to ensure compliance and consumer protections for strata communities.  Locality Embedded Networks are providing this service to any Body Corporate regardless of who your retailer or billing administration service is provided by.

Locality Planning Energy is an Authorised Electricity Retailer and work entirely for strata communities with embedded networks.



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