Locality Embedded Networks are the Solution

Locality Embedded Networks is offering Embedded Network Manager Services to any Body Corporate regardless of who your retailer or billing administration service is provided by.

The appointment of Locality Embedded Networks (LEN) as your Body Corporate’s ENM will meet your compliance obligations to the National Electricity Rules (NER) making sure your embedded network has ENM services available.  The body corporate can be rest assured that their embedded network and all the consumers have any barriers removed that may limit retail competition with Locality Embedded Networks acting for them.

Why do you need an Embedded Network Manager?

The Queensland Government has implemented the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) Power of Choice (POC) reforms and rules as of the 1st of December 2017.  Essentially the POC legislation enables individual tenants or lots in an embedded network to establish a child National Meter Identification (NMI) to facilitate the engagement of retailer of choice.   This has resulted in a new accredited role in the National Electricity Market an  Embedded Network Manager. (ENM)


 Embedded Network Manager 

An Embedded Network Manager is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of static data for a site where an occupant has elected to leave the embedded network.  This child NMI is separated from the embedded network and billed distinctly by the newly contracted retailer of choice.

An ENM is a highly regulated entity that is accredited by Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to act in this role where appointed and is required to adhere to strict processes and ongoing compliance which includes a rigorous audit program to maintain accreditation.  An ENM is a totally separate entity to your Parent Retailer or Billing Agent and operates in complete isolation.   

Supporting Communities 

This service is brought to you in conjunction with Locality Planning Energy as a service to ensure compliance and consumer protections for strata communities.